Services Offered


Outpatient treatment

Evaluation for Diagnosis and Treatment Needs

Court Evaluations

Fitness for Duty Assessments

FAA Evaluations-Addiction and/or Psychiatric

Expert Witness

Medical Review Officer (MRO) 


Outpatient Treatment:  Outpatient detoxification, Medication Assisted Therapy (Naltrexone, buprenorphine products including Sublocade, suboxone), Aftercare, Monitoring

Evaluation for Diagnosis and Treatment Needs: Clarifies diagnoses, Level of care needs

Court Evaluations: Assessing or ruling out client’s substance use disorders in Court (i.e. Family, Civil, Criminal)

Fitness for Duty Assessments and Professional Monitoring Needs: Licensing-Board specific (i.e. Arizona Medical Board, Arizona Board of Nursing)

FAA Evaluations:  Addiction and/or Psychiatric evaluations for pilot’s license.

Expert Witness Testimony

Medical Review Officer (MRO)